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Building job descriptions for child care workers

Pietermaritzburg Children's Homes (South Africa), while redeveloping its employment policies, spent some time rethinking the work done by the staff

We identified three ranked groups of responsibilities for a child and youth care worker: to be

(1) a significant, caring adult,
(2) an effective child care worker, and
(3) a responsible team member.

Each group carries a number of task areas which are listed below.

1 : A significant caring adult

Provide a suitable adult role model

Have an intense concern for the well-being of all the children.

All information must be treated in the strictest confidence and used as the foundation for building his/her future.

2 : An effective child care worker

To show initiative.

Provide a caring atmosphere and environment.

Provide for the development and physical care of each child.

” To promote the overall development of each individual child in order to meet his personal needs (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and educational)
” To learn and know the developmental stages of childhood to determine behaviour that is age appropriate, and implement programmes accordingly.

Physical Care.
” To encourage each child to take an interest in and care for his/her living space.
” To ensure that each child has sufficient clothing of his own. To ensure that all clothing is suitably name-tagged, and cared for.
” To teach each child to value and care for his/her own personal possessions and respect the property of others.
“To teach and ensure that each child takes care of his/her own personal hygiene and appearance.
” To recognise ailments and ensure that they are treated appropriately.
” To ensure that each child has adequate nutrition, sleep and physical exercise in order to maintain good health.

To set up and maintain a structured environment.

To carry out all administration duties.

3 : A responsible team member

Foster, generate and participate in team work and co-operation.

Develop an active commitment to the child care profession.

To be loyal and responsible.

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