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CYC-Net Advertising Opportunity

Thank you for your continuing support of CYC-Net.

Every day, at least 1 500 people visit CYC-Net from over 216 countries across the world. Over 1 000 web sites link directly to CYC-Net. Together we are working to improve the lives of children and young people across the world.

Today we are launching a new way to support our work – one that will also increase the opportunity for you or your organisation to demonstrate your commitment to making the world a better place for children and young people to grow up.

For the first time we are offering promotional advertising space on the CYC-Net web site – that is over 50 000 pages, with an average of 1 500 visitors a day. CYC-Net never closes. Under sun and moon, someone, somewhere, is looking at CYC-Net. Just one week of supporting CYC-Net with a banner advert, like the one at the top of this page, could give your organisation tens of thousands of views. Other placement options are also available.

We want to highlight two stories from Rick and Tracy that perfectly illustrates how CYC-Net is making a difference.

CYC-Net continues to provide resources on creative interventions and solution focused approaches for our employees as well as insight into what is new and exciting in the field of CYC. By providing a forum for CYCW’s from all over the world to ask questions, receive feedback and share their challenges and successes, CYC-net also offers our employees opportunities to learn and develop from other’s shared experiences.
Many times I will follow a discussion or read an article that is directly related to a current issue in one of our programs or a challenge in how to best respond to a youth. When it is shared with our employees and they are engaged in further discussion, a learning opportunity has been created for all of us. 
Our employees are encouraged to consult CYC-Net when they have questions. We use articles as part of our professional development curriculum as well as to supplement our training. Our residential programs have used the discussion group as a means of seeking treatment programs for the youth. 
Rick Kelly – Waypoints, Newfoundland

I am a residential child care worker from Scotland, keen to learn and promote residential care as a positive choice.
There is a need to reflect on and share experiences, both good and bad. This means learning from past mistakes and influencing changes to ensure these mistakes are not repeated. Equally, it's important to challenge stigma, promote positive examples of how this type of group care can (and does) help and heal relationships and traumatised young people.
This is no easy task, and CYC-Net encourages people to think outside the box, look at world theories, approaches and interventions and seek support and advice from impartial professionals with no pressures to go along with the majority or ingrained habits. It's a cost effective way to learn and to connect with people who would otherwise be out of reach.
Tracey Jarvis – Scotland

Our goal is to continue to keep CYC-Net openly accessible to individuals from all walks of life and every area of the world.  Even though over 700 000 distinct views of our website were made in last year there are still literally millions of children and young people who could be helped by having better informed adults working for them.

That’s why our goal is to raise $100,000 this year by offering promotional space on CYC-Net.  If we raise that amount, we will be able to not only continue our work, but devote more time and resources to continue to make CYC-Net the world’s go-to website for those who want to do more for children and young people.  We need your help to make that happen.

We invite you to be a part of reaching this goal by securing promotional advertising on CYC-Net for your organization. Not only will you be making an investment in global development, but also promoting your work to an international and local audience. Our advertisers rate card is available here. Your support will make a real, lasting impact in young lives internationally.

CYC-Net can only remain openly accessible to all across the world because people like you are partnering to keep this essential work going.

With gratitude,

Leon Fulcher
CYC-Net Board Chairperson 

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