“A child comes
Not as an empty vessel to be filled
But already full of experiences,
    values and abilities.
In his short life he has already
    solved a lot of problems,
    thought a lot of thoughts,
    tried out a lot of ideas.
is where I must begin with a child: With what he already is.

                     — Cindy Herbert
                I See a Child

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Reading for Child and Youth Care Workers

 Issue Number 36: January 2002
Dreams of a New Voyage

How to teach the unteachable
A gang member on a diversion program
Street children in Zimbabwe – Part II
Crisis Intervention

What I learned about families and punishment
Supervision: Resistance
The Child within You
Short Story: Söderberg's The Burning City

Introducing this new section
Henry Maier on Role Play
Working with Play
Loving with an Open Hand

Leon Fulcher on using rituals
Henry Maier on touching and hugging
Niall McElwee on Fatherhood
Grant Charles on Change
Karen VanderVen on Content and Process

Mark Smith on Inclusion
Mark Kruger's Moments with youth: Part I – A story by John Korsmo